McLaren F1 owned by Mr Bean on sale for approx Rs 74 crores

Rowan Atkinson aka Mr Bean, puts his much crashed supercar on sale. The world famous McLaren F1 is now on sale for a record £8 million.

Many have seen Rowan Atkinson atop a car while sitting in a comfortable armchair strapped onto its roof. In this case the actor has been regaled for his performance, but he has not been as fortunate when it comes to his own supercar, an F1 McLaren which he has crashed on a few occasions.

Atkinson’s McLaren with a top speed of 386 kmph was purchased by the star in 1997 for £540,000. It was thereafter, in October 1999 that Atkinson crashed his car hitting a Rover Metro following which he smashed it into a tree and burst into flames in 2011 at A605 near Peterborough after losing control over a slippery bend.

Rowan Atkinson F1 accident

With just 63 other F1 road going cars from McLaren sold in the mid 1990s, this particular car is 18 years old and twice crashed but yet commands its exclusive price. The McLaren received a record insurance payout of £910,000 which is said to be Britain’s highest ever single car insurance payout. The crashed F1 was rebuilt by McLaren and thereafter enhanced Atkinson’s annual insurance to £60,000. With such a colourful history, it is no doubt the value of this F1 has been augmented and is now on sale at Taylor & Crawley, which is owned by David Clark, a former director at McLaren.

Mr Bean McLaren F1

McLaren’s F1 is a carbon fiber car and the world’s fastest non turbocharged car, capable of speeding from 0 to 100 kmph in 3.2 seconds and capable of 24 kms per gallon. Despite all the knocks and crashes, Atkinson claims his car is quiet and comfortable and has done just 66,000km doing trips to shops and school.

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