Maulana Farooqi asked Muazuns & Pakistanis to recite Azaan at 10 pm yesterday!

We seek kelp and forgiveness from one and only creator of the universe Allah, following Sunnah Maulana Farooqi asked Muazuns and Muslims in Pakistan to recite Azaan at 10 pm. The purpose of doing this on large scale is to pray amidst corona virus epidemic and only Allah can take us all out of this calamity by his blessing.

It has ben announced that everyone come to their rooftops at 10 pm and recite Azaan to seek help from Allah Almighty in this time of hardship. Many people heard Azaans at 10 pm yesterday and made video of this overwhelming scenario.

The whole country has heard the echoes of Azaan and prayed to Allah that he bestow his blessings on us and prevent us from this deadly disease!
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