Matloob Ur Rehamn (Zakuta Jin) From Ainak Wala Jin has passed away..


Saddened To hear that our Beloved actor Matloob-ur-Rehman, known for Zakuta Jin passed away Friday night here in Mayo Hospital lahore . Matloob Ur Rehman was deadened and diabetic since 2012, in result he was confronting unpleasant circumstances

Matloob Ur Rehman first picked up prominence with Ainak Wala Jinn in 1993, well known serial proceeded for around three years. Matloob’s character Zakoota turned into a fan most loved and numerous who watched the show still recollect his notable

And We never for get him and his famous line “Mujhe kaam batao,mein kay karoun, mein lis ko khaun

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