Manyata Dutt gets Sanjay Dutt’s Name tattooed!

Manyata Dutt

Day by day the story of these two is getting stronger! Manyata Dutt Who is missing her Husband Sanjay Dutt more and more after each passing second got Sanjay’s name tattooed on her finger! How sweet is that?

When Sanjay heard about this, he got emotional.  Manyata who is managing Sanjay’s business as well their twins, recently celebrated her birthday but she avoided any wishes from anyone and also shunned any celebration as she was in no mood to bring in her birthday without her husband Sanjay. Sanjay Dutt too will have a quiet birthday in jail. He will turn 54 tomorrow but nobody is allowed to meet him as his friends could not file application to visit him in jail timely.

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