Mansha Pasha revealed something about Jibran Nasir and we are not getting over it soon!

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Starting off new year with new vibe and love of her life Jibran Nasir also a rights activist, Mansha Pasha shared some of the interesting information about their relationship, including how it all started, what’s the most exciting aspect of her beau and much more on her Instagram stories. She took to her social media and allowed fans to ask anything to her.Not to our surprise, Fans questions were related to her married life and relationship with Jibran.

She answered a question about JIbran that he is quite humorous person and show that side when he is mood. While she further on answered question that he makes excellent Biryani which is quite adorable.

When someone asked how did they meet? She answered shyly to the question by stating the they should ask this question to him as he can answer it better.

Jibran Nasir is all in love with his fiancée Mansha Pasha and stated lately that she has changed him.

Mansha Pasha also revealed that the date of marriage is not yet known!