Mansha Pasha praised her fiancée Jibran Nasir for his unending support!

Actress Mansha Pasha revealed in an interview with Iffat Omer that Jibran Nasir is quite supportive even though they both belong to entirely different fields. Praising him owing to his nature and sharing the fact that he never makes false promises. This is what she stated regarding love of her life; “He (Nasir) doesn’t make false promises. This is very important to me. By the grace of God, whatever he has promised me as of yet he has fulfilled it,”

She talks about his support and how he enjoys its; “He’s very supportive, Alhamdulilah.  In fact, we are always discussing prospective projects for me. A lot of times he wants me to take up everything. I eventually have to stop him,“All in all he is very supportive. He enjoys it. The stuff he is unable to see, he ends up listening about it from me. Our respective fields are very different. The nature of his work is quite serious compared to my line of work, not that it’s easy,”she went on saying!

“But I am not scared for him. I don’t think a person can stay alive if they are scared. I’ve taken a lot of decisions under fear. And each and every one of them turned out to be the wrong decision. But the ones that I have taken out of love or actually considering them right, they have always been proved worthy.”

The couple got engaged at the end of the year in an extravagant ceremony and fans were all swooning over the couple. The couple has been giving the glimpse of their big day through Instagram.

The ceremony held in Karachi and was attended by a number of Pakistani celebrities.

We are hoping to see them tying knot anytime soon!

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