Manikarnika in hot water? Protest against the movie has begun!

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Not that anybody was missing them, but Karni Sena is back, you guys! The self-appointed moral police has resurfaced after a year, this time to protest the release of Kangana Ranaut‘s Manikarnika: The Queen Of Jhansi. They are a little mellow this year, thankfully, as they haven’t vandalized a theatre or burnt the film’s sets or threatened to kill someone… YET.

Their allegations are more or less the same – distortion of history, the queen dancing to a song and her relationship with the wrong man. Déjà Vu, anyone?! Only this time, they are focussing on Rani Laxmibai and not Queen Padmavati. As per reports, the gang claims (more like, assumed) that Kangana’s character is in a relationship with a British officer and that she is dancing to a special number, which is against their traditions. The Head of Karni Sena, Sukhdev Singh Shekhawat reportedly feels that filmmakers distort facts by showing scenes which serve the purpose of “adding titillation”.

Wait, there’s more! Shekhawat clearly doesn’t care if the film has got clearance from the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC). (He is above the board, you see!) The Rajput group has asked the producers to show them the film first and get their approval prior to the release. Failure to do so will result in… you guessed it, vandalism and damaging the movie halls. The Sena Head also announced that Manikarnika will face the same consequence as Padmaavat and won’t be allowed to release in some states.

Wow! I had no idea it was okay to pass such statements/threats in public, especially when the assigned authority has given the green signal. Something isn’t going right according to you? Gather your mob and use your power to destroy it! Because that’s the only way forward, right, Karni Sena?! That’s a great way to exercise your Freedom of speech and other citizen rights you clearly do not deserve.