Makeup Tips: Make Your Skin Glow

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Coat Your Face With A Primer A primer is rule number 1 when it comes to applying makeup on your face for a natural glow. If you do not have a primer, you could use a moisturizer or lotion. The benefits of applying primer to the face include reduction in fine lines and creases, smoothening of the skin’s surface, coating of the skin with a mild moisturizer and much more. Most of us fret putting on makeup because of how it melts down to papery flakes by the end of the day. But, with a primer in hand, all you have to worry about is applying an even coat all over the face and neck. Primer is your best friend if you wish to keep the makeup on for a longer time. Apply Base Coat To make sure that the primer has reached all areas of your face, take a drop of foundation on the tip of your finger.
Now, softly touch different parts of the face and follow it up by spreading the foundation all over. The market is full of different types of foundations. An important makeup tip for flawless skin is to make sure that they have a built-in SPF to keep you protected from harmful UV rays. Dab a Concealer While primer helps to conceal your age from your face, a concealer can do wonders to add that final touch. If you did not know already, a concealer is used to hide tougher spots on the skin that a primer cant’ hide.
These may include dark under eye circles, red spots, acne scars, etc. You will find that concealers come in different forms such as tubes and sticks and they may be hard in consistency or creamy. Take your pick or request the woman at the counter to allow you to test it on your skin. Powder your Face to Get Set and Ready to Go The final makeup tip to make your skin glow before setting out is powdering it. Powder helps to set the skin.
It adds a matte effect, making your skin look as natural as possible. In fact, no one would come to realize that you have applied makeup. An important aspect about powder to keep in mind is its type.
There are two variants: loose powder and pressed powder. Make sure that you pick the right one for your skin type and texture. Follow the above makeup tips to help your skin glow and look better. However, it is very important to only buy those makeup products that have been tested on different skin types and guaranteed to be free of any side-effects. So, be wise, be beautiful.

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