Makafaat Telefilms Make Geo’s Ehsaas Ramzan More Distinctive

Every year, in the auspicious month of Ramzan, every TV channel brings their own unique Ramzan transmissions. While the purpose of these transmissions is to celebrate the Holy month, educate people about Islam and its teachings, and spread the message of kindness, Geo TV usually hits the mark every year. This year was no different and Ehsaas Ramzan taught us the importance of patience, respect and empathy. Ehsaas Ramzan consists of many different segments like Aalim Online, Bachay Man K Sachay, Riyasat-e-Madina, Jazba-e-Khidmat Allah. Among these incredible segments is Makafaat – short telefilms focused on various life lessons. Since the first roza, Makafaat on Ehsaas Ramzan airs a 20-minute-long telefilm which comprises of fundamental teachings of Islam. Every episode has an individual storyline which ends with an essential lesson. Produced by Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi, and directed by Saleem Ghanchi, Makafaat is a perfect reminder of how important it is to have strong faith in Allah.

A few topics highlighted in Makafaat are worth mentioning: 


As humans, we have the tendency of feeling helpless and hopeless in difficult situations. In such circumstances, we forget the power of praying and the mercy of Allah. This episode highlights this significant message. When a father feels helpless that he could not fulfil his son’s wish, all he could do was pray. Eventually, Allah helps him from unseeable sources and reminds us all that Allah will never turn you down. There may be some hurdles but your prayers will be heard. Geo Entertainment has wonderfully conveyed the message through this short telefilm.


In this episode, a mother favours one son over the other. However, when she is in need, the neglected son looks after her and fulfils his duty. Not only does this make the mother realise her mistakes, her dutiful son gets success and triumph in the end as well. It teaches us the valuable lesson to take care of our parents and take their blessings. Also, it teaches us to never differentiate between our children.

This differentiation is commonly practiced in our society and Geo Entertainment has perfectly shed light upon it. 


More often than not, we forget about the needy people close to us and neglect them. In this episode, where one household is busy with their daughter’s wedding preparations, they fail to see their neighbours in distress. Allah asks us to look after our needy neighbours and provide for them when they are in need. Another essential lesson is to never believe what you have not seen with your own eyes.

We are so busy in our own lives that we don’t really care about whatever is going on in our surroundings. Geo Entertainment has shown in this short telefilm why is it important to look after your neighbour. 


One of the biggest sins in Islam is to be arrogant and consider oneself superior to others. The episode tells the story of two sisters who are in completely different circumstances in life. While one has just lost her husband, the other is blessed with a happy and wealthy household. However, when it comes to helping her sister, she does not leave any chance to make her realise her worthlessness. Sometimes we forget that it takes just a second for our circumstances to change. We forget that our blessings are all Allah’s mercy on us and we should be grateful for them instead of being proud.

Ideally portrayed by Geo Entertainment, the realization for this was much needed. 


In this episode, a boss tries to seduce his employee who is vulnerable due to her circumstances. He knows that she cannot quit her job and tries to take advantage of this situation. However, he forgets that Allah never leaves the weak alone and He can punish a person for his bad intentions.

Once again, Geo Entertainment has outdone itself with the tremendous initiative in spreading the message of Islam with unique and exceptional telefilms, Makafaat. While it is aired during Ramzan, Makafaat should be broadcasted throughout the year with new lessons and essential messages of Islam.

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