Mahira Khan talks about educating children about Inappropriate touch in press conference!

It all started with the brutall murder of Farushta after her rape in Islamabad, many celebrities stood up for her and demanded justice. Mahira Khan along with Shehzad Roy and Zeba Bakhtiar attended a press ocnderence and brought the lighjt on the issue of child abuse and how they have to secure themselves from these negative energies around them whether they be relatives or other person in a society. The celebrities reinforced the parents and teachers to teach the children about good and bad touch so that they can speak up when they experience such kind of a thing.

She got the coment on twitter regarding this issue and blamed media for this to which the actress replied with an authentic answer.

Zarwan ali

people of showbiz need to stop using rape cases to promote their agenda. The vulgarity you promote is a major reason why rapes are on the rise. So please back off @TheMahiraKhan @ShehzadRoy @zebabakhtiyar #JusticeForFarishta @OfficialHanzala #Justice4Farishta #Farishta

Mahira Khan:

“Really? The ‘vulgarity’ causes someone to go rape a 10 year old and then kill her?”. Mahira was appalled by the graphic images some Twitter users have been uploading and called for action by Twitter to disable such content uploading.

Celebrities asked for Child Protection Unit and Life Skills-Based Syllabus to be introduced in the curriculum in order to create the awareness about this sensitive issue and not to be ashamed of discussing it publicly.

Zeba Bakhtiar and Shehzad Roy also emphasized on the fact that many minors are forced to be quite even if they share, they’re NOT liking the person around them because of their bad touch. So it’s the responsibility of parents and teachers to listen to them properly and make them feel secure no matter how much that person is close to the family!

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