Mahira Khan slammed the hater valiantly: Shaan Shahid stood up to support the actress!

Sometimes it Is hard to get away from negativity on social media and someone should stand upfront to slam the haters down. In today’s era where everyone has a freedom to speak out on social media platform, there is a disadvantage to it as well. When anyone can troll or abuse in the name of freedom of speech. Mostly our renowned celebrities are victims of it and gets in hot water when they respond back.

Mahira Khan has been recently trolled by a hater on twitter which was quite a vile comment. The actress responded with quite an accurate way and her fans wholly supported her.

Not only fans, many ace celebrities like Shaan Shahid and Humaima Malik stood up for Mahira Khan and gave a shut-up call to the hater in comments.

This is what the hater uttered:


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