Mahira Khan once again won our hearts: Talked about prevailing depression in society!

The versatile diva Mahira Khan has talked about poignant issue persists in our society that we tend to avoid in order to acclaim ourselves as mentally healthy and shy away from embarrassment. She has formerly opened about the issue of depression on her social media platforms and has been supporting all those who are facing the hardships of life. Passing from the lumpy path in life doesn’t mean that everything is going to fall apart rather we should take it as a start of something new.

She took to twitter and elaborated the depression precisely and we can’t help but agree with her.

“Just a reminder.. for anyone who might need it. I do :)”

“Depression is also… smaller than you”

Precise but yet so powerful!

She further went on saying that we should talk about this issue more often even with students and take it quite normal.

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