Mahira Khan has been accentuating the matter of Covid-19: provoking people to take it seriously!

The actress showed her concern regarding spurring cases of Corona Virus in the country and urging all the people to take precautionary measures if they want to fight this epidemic. She has also mentioned that some people are naming the individuals who have been affected by the virus which is not right, we all are in this together and it’s high time to take care of each other.

Mahira Khan stated lately about the patients who are already suffering from other ailments and also appreciated the doctors whose lives at stake to save us. Here is what she tweeted and share din her recent video;

‘The thing which I’ve been seeing a lot online is naming and shaming online,’ she said adding that this was a new thing for people and all of them are trying to deal with it in their own ways”

The message posted alongside the video read: ” Stay home as much as possible. This can help the virus from spreading in a big way. Wash your hands. Build your immunity, lots of vit C. Help daily wage workers and others who will severely suffer during this time.”

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