Madhuri Dixit to do an item song with Ranbir Kapoor in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

Madhuri Dixit

The dancing diva and versatile actress Madhuri Dixit is back with a bang. She has shot for an item number titled, ‘ghagra’ for Ayan Mukherjee’s ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’ and the first look of Madhuri ‘s item song is out on her 46th birthday.  The lead actor Ranbir Kapoor is thrilled to work and share the stage with his idol, Madhuri Dixit.

“While shooting, I wasn’t trying to compete with her. I was more than happy with Madhuriji take centre stage. When she is in a song, who is going to take a look at me anyway? She has added a lot to the buzz of the film. I’m sure people will be curious to see her on the big screen,” says Ranbir, who admits that he has “always been a great admirer” of hers.

“We are really thrilled that she has done the song. It was fun doing it. Actually, it was Karan’s (Johar; producer) idea. He suggested it to Ayan because we always had the scope for such a song (his character, Bunny, is introduced here).”

Ranbir recalls when he met Madhuri during the shooting of ‘Yaarana’, “During the shooting of Yaarana (1995) in Switzerland, we were all living in the same chalet. Our room was right opposite Madhuriji’s, so I quite thrilled about it. When they used to come back after shooting, we would sit and have food together. I think, over the years, she has remained the same. There is no difference in her attitude towards work or life,” he says.

Ranbir says, “Doing a song with her (Madhuri) means I can strike one item off my wish list.” He adds that he “was just one of the millions” whose heart broke when she got married. “I think millions of hearts broke with the news of her wedding. Thanks to her screen presence, sheer magnetism and enigma, more than half of the country was in love with her, including me,” he says.

Ranbir is highly touched to see the motherly side to Madhuri. “One day, she got her two kids (Arin and Raayan) on the sets. And to see the kind of mother Madhuriji is and the way she is bringing them up was another amazing side of her to see. It was a heart-warming sight to see a woman who has achieved so much playing a real-life mother so perfectly,” he says.

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