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The Primetime 17th Lux Style Awards are just around the corner, which means Awards Season 2017/2018 is about to kick into gear. A lot of the prestige films looking for awards recognition this year, right around the time a few ceremonies. 

Until then, though, you can keep track of the various nomination announcements with our handy schedule below. Make sure to check back in the future for updated lists of nominations and winners, and get your fingers crossed for some mind blowing performances by your favouritecelebrities. 

We know some of you already heard and read few articles before but whats the point if there is no spice and drama going around with the nominees and audience getting crazy for the win game.

Behold! We are revealing the fully detailed nominations and yeah not everyone’s favourite except aunties Humayun Saeed is still in it Psssssst! (Don’t tell him we said that) 😉

Entertainment Nominees for the 17th LUX Style Awards 2018


Best film

1. Balu Mahi; Starring the chilli chill Annie Jaffery and hottie Osama Khalid Butt who misunderstood eachother’sintentions to escape from a desi wedding but later on falls in love with eachother (ALERT: Jab We Met feels are coming through)
2. Chupan Chupai; directed by Mohsin Ali. The film stars Ahsan KhanAli Rizvi and Neelam Muneer in the lead cast. Inept kidnappers try to stay one step ahead of the determined cop who is hot on their trail.
3. Na Maloom Afrad 2; The return of part 2 couldn’t stick to the fame of part 1 but in movie after three hapless souls plan a big heist, things go hysterically wrong along the way.
4. Punjab Nahi Jaungi; Starring Humayun Saeed Sahab and his favourite Mehwish Hayat (Owww!). The film revolves around a western mind girl who is least interested to visit a village in Punjab and on the other hand our young studHumayun (Joking) falls in love with mehwish and is obsessed to learn Angulish Language.
5. Verna; No words to describe! The single handed power house performance by non other than a Mahira Khan about rape and sexual assault in the movie though it got banned from our PBO (Pakistan Box Office)

Best Actor

Ahsan Khan in Chupan Chupai; looked amazing in his new avatar

Fahad Mustafa in Na Maloom Afrad 2; This time he brought a little heat up

Humayun Saeed; A huge mustache Wadera in the house

Mohsin Abbas in Na Maloom Afrad 2; A rising star young talented and a singer

Osman Khalid Butt in Balu Mahi; He is our favourite hottie in town suited booted.

Best Actress

1. Ainy Jaffery in Balu Mahi; Our Pataki larki brightened our cinema screens by her mazedaar and masoomiyatacting
2. Mahira Khan in Verna; a female fighter, a hero every girl wants to be put our heads in a position to think about the recent acts in Pakistan
3. Mehwish Hayat in Punjab Nahi Jaungi; The sexy and stunning beauty drowned our hearts.
4. Uzma Hassan in Arth; we got a little emotional, laughed and felt mesmerized by her beautiful acting.
5. Neelam Munir in Chupan Chupai; she nailed it being a strong and intelligent character in a movie

Best Director

1. Haissam Hussain for Balu Mahi
2. Mohsin Ali for Chupan Chupai
3. Nabeel Qureshi for Na Maloom Afrad 2 
4. Nadeem Baig for Punjab Nahi Jaungi
5. Shoaib Mansoor for Verna

Best Supporting Actor

1. Ali Rizvi in Chupan Chupai; The Mr. Chubbz but his performance in film brought him here in nominees
2. Faizan Khawaja in Chupan Chupai known for Bankster
3. Sohail Ahmed in Punjab Nahi Jaungi We all know him and his comedy skills
4. Javed Sheikh in Na Maloom Afrad 2; Ever charming and most talented people in the Industry
5. Gohar Rasheed in Rangreza; Our all time favourite villain 

Best Supporting Actress

1. Durdana butt in Balu Mahi; Our adorable Daddo is in action holding guns and guys
2. Humaima Malik in Arth; No one could pull of the character better than her.
3. Sadaf Kanwal in Balu Mahi; She is well known for her killing looks
4. Urwa hocane in Punjab Nahi Jaungi; The pink cheeky girl done justice with her character

Best Film Singer (Male)

1. Adnan Dhool for Sadqa from Chupan Chupai
2. Haroon Shahid for Sambhal Sambhal from Verna
3. Mohsin Haider Abbas for Heeray from NMA2
4. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan from Sawaar de Arth 2
5. Sahir Ali Bagga from Murshid Jee Arth 2

Best Film Singer (Female)

1. Aima Baig for Kaif o Suroor from NMA2
2. Aima Baig for Sadqa from Chupan Chupai
3. Jonita Ghandi for baqiya from Rangreza
4. Nirmal Roy for Raunaq-e-Aashiqui from Punjab NahiJaungi
5. Sana Zulfiqar for Aadat from Arth 2


Album of the Year

1. 26 Sikander ka Mander
2. 600 saal by E Sharp
3. Elhaam by Sounds of Kolachi
4. Fanoos by Zohaib Kazi
5. Wajd by Hadiqa Kiani

Singer of the Year

1. Abid Brohi for The Sibbi Song from Patari
2. Ali Azmat and Qurat ul Ain Baluch for Chal diye from Cornetto Pop Rock
3. Ali Azmat, Ali Sethi and Waqar Ehsan for Tanak dhin from Coke Studio
4. Lyari Underground from Players for Lyari Patari
5. Riaz Qadri and Zohaib Kazi for Takht Hazar from Fanoos

Best Music Video Director

Qamar Anwer for Kasani

Raza Shah for The Sibbi Song

Sana Jaffri for Madam

Taimoor Salahuddin for Chan Kithan

Waleed Ahmed for Super Cat

Best Emerging Talent

Abdullah Siddiqui for Fiction

Badnam for Khwaja ke diwani

Kashmir for Kaghaz ka Jahaaz

Keeray Makooray for Islan in the city

Roots for Pagal Sa


Best TV Play

1. Alif Allah aur InsanAlif Allah Aur Insaanl is the story of trust and relationships, it revolves around five different people from five totally different backgrounds and their faith and conviction.
2. MuqabilMuqabil is a story of Parisa who’s a quiet girl and extremely reserved, she has a dominant mother who is full of herself and self made. Parisa however, gets married to a middle class man Armaan whom she really likes and find her sanity in him.
3. O rang Reza; The story is of stubborn girl, Sassi (Sajal Aly), who makes her father Khayyam (Noman Ijaz) ideal and follows his footsteps and treats her mother Mumtaz“Mammo” (Irsa Ghazal) exactly like how Khayyam treats her. Her mother-side cousin Qasim (Bilal Abbas Khan), the serious orphan guy who is “dye wala“.
4. Sammi; the story of a young educated girl Sammi Jutt who was getting married to Pervaiz Chaudhry, on the day of her Nikkah her brother Waqas demanded extra payment for their Mahr Payment (a promised amount of money paid by groom) from Pervaiz which led a physical dispute between them after which Waqas killed Pervaiz in anger.
5. Sang e Mar marSang-e-Mar Mar depicts story of Pashtuns (also known as Pathans), starring the strict head of the family, Gulistan Khan (Noman Ijaz) married to Shameem (Sania Saeed). They have three sons, Safiullah(Omair Rana), Aurang (Meekal Zulfiqar), and Goher (Agha Mustafa Hassan); and a daughter, Bano (Uzma Hassan).

Best Tv Actor

1. Adnan Siddiqui in Sammi; He knows when a job has to be done seriously.
2. Ahad Raza Mir in Yakeen ka Safar; The Eye Candy for all Pakistani girls out there.
3. Imran Abbas in Khuda aur Muhabbat; With a comeback of second season He is melting our hearts out. 
4. Mohsin Abbas in Muqabil; He is well known for his too desi to cool personality and acting.
5. Noman Ijaz in Pinjaria veteran actor with three decades of experience behind him

Best TV Actress

1. Bushra Ansari in Seeta Bagri; Our very own SaimaChaudhry the chulbuly but when she gets serious with her role, our feet gets stuck deep in floor.
2. Kubra Khan in Muqabil; The ever gorgeous Pathani proved us that she can pull of any role.
3. Saba Qamar in Baaghi; We all know what she did there and we are so proud of our Multi talented woman
4. Sajjal Ali in Yakeen ka Safar; the journey of a young doctor Zubiya Khalil and how she meets Dr. Asfandyar.
5. Sajjal Ali in O Rung Reza; the versetile actress known as stubborn girl, who makes her father Khayyam (Noman Ijaz) ideal and follows his footsteps and treats her mother Mumtaz “Mammo”

Best TV Director

1. Ahsan Talish for Alif Allah aur Insan
2. Farooq rind for Baaghi
3. Kashif Nisar for O Rang Reza
4. Safie Hassan For Sammi
5. Safie Hassan for Sang E Mar Mar

Best TV Writer

1. Mustafa Afridi for Sang E Mar Mar
2. Noor Ul Huda Shah for Sammi
3. Qaisara Hayat for Alif Allah aur Insan
4. Saji Gul for O Rang Reza
5. Zafar Mairaj for Muqabil

Best Original Sound Track

1. Adnan Dhool and Sana Zulfiqar for Bay Khudi
2. Ali Azmat for Rasm E Dunya
3. Jimmy Khan for Tumharay hain
4. Nabeel shaukat for Who Ek Pal
5. Richi Robinson for Shayad
By Areej Fatima
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