Lux New Commercial 2017 is Full of Glamour


Lux is all about glamour, beauty and Yes! not to forget the fragrance. We have always seen their ads featuring the most glamorous stars. But in their new commercial there is toooo much hotness to handle. This time lux featured the beauty Queens of the Lollywood industry Mahira khan, Mawra Hussain and Maya Ali. Isn’t it too much to handle? right? They have add some kind of a magic spell in the commercial by flaunting their glamorous and charming appearance and make everyone drooling over their beauty.

The ad has a very interesting plot, they are stressing upon the thing which lasts longer and are more worthy to remember. The lux girls unveil that we don’t remember or bother to remember the petty things. We only remember the most important things like our tears, smile, beauty and these are the things which stays longer in our minds. Just like the this the fragrance and beauty of the new range of lux lasts longer.

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