List of Pakistani dramas that’s must watch in 2019!

Accentuating the darkest and brightest sides of the society simultaneously, Pakistani Dramas are the sure shot the way to enlighten the true facts and figures lingering in the society that we are not aware of. Not confined to the ladies, now it has taken men interest as well due to its diversity and close to reality facts. The dramas of old times surely were more realistic, natural and donned the sartorial that were close to the society norms!

But nevertheless, our recent drama era has its own charm and exotic storylines that are equally spreads the vibes of addiction.the golden era started from humsafar drama serial and the trend of back to back successful serials have stunned the audience who could resist but to praise the never ending talent incorporated!

Here is the list of expected hit drama which are coming this year on Pakistani drama channels and we can’t wait to get addicted once again!

1. Cheekh

Directed by actor turned director fahad Mustafa, this drama is going to change the way we take things normally in our life. As we live in the men dominant society we tend to let go of some nostalgic behaviours conducted to keep our respect intact.But here is to all the women who remains quite on injustice, saba qamar is going to raise voice against all odds. It revolves around women empowerment, a campaign that has already wrapped everyone around the world.


Bilal Abbas Khan

Aijaz Aslam

Azekah Daniel

Maira Khan

Emmad Irfani

Ushna Shah

2. Kaisa Hain Naseebaan

Focusing on the prevalent issue of arrange marriages in our society, the drama makes the voyage towards the scenarios that a couple had to face after getting married by the will of their parents.the domestic violence the women has to bare if anything goes against husband’s consent. It would be shot in Malaysia and Pakistan, Muneeb butt will  be opposite Ramsha Khan with other star cast  Shehzeen Rahat, and Farhan Malhi. Soon to be on aired,don’t forget to watch another  fierce acting from Muneeb Butt!

3. Alif

Along with the production Alif is being currently published in a monthly digest and became the first Urdu fiction book to be released as an audiobook simultaneously.Featuring Hamza Ali Abbasi, Sajal Ali and Kubbra Khan, the serial is based on a romantic novel by Umera Ahmed. It comprises of a question that you ask yourself everyday about your existence and how you can overcome it.the characters are all related to single alphabet which is a thing to watch this season!


Sajal Aly as Momina

Ahsan Khan as Taha

Kubra Khan as Zareen

Osman Khalid Butt

Sadaf Kanwal

Noman Ijaz

Farrukh Darbar

Saleem Mairaj

Lubna Aslam

Umer Darr

4. Aangan

Story encompasses all the torments and hurdles Muslims came across during the partition of subcontinent in the most realistic way possible with the perseverance of family values that used to persist at the period. It is a historical drama with love story that elaborated the type of unfortunate hindrances a love had to face and eventually heartbreak. Produced by Momina Duraid Productions, and directed by Mohammed Ehteshamuddin. Written by Mustafa Afridi, it is the dramatization of the award-winning novel of the same name by Khadija Mastoor.


Mawra Hocane

Ahsan Khan

Sonya Hussyn

Hira Mani

Sajal Aly

Ahad Raza Mir

5. Deedan

The serial has cast the talented Sanam Saeed alongside Mohib Mirza. Director Amin Iqbal is depicting the common problems that tend to arise due to the difference in cultures and traditions when people move from one country to another. Well, this would be attention gaining for those people that are making up their minds to migrate.

6. Aseer e Mohabbat

The drama is set to feature Hira Mani alongside Affan Waheed. The writers of the show have mentioned that Aseer-e-Mohabbat will come with a new twist on the ever fascinating love triangle plot.


Hira Mani

Affan Waheed

Haroon Shahid

Seemi Pasha


Mehmood Aslam

Salma Hasan

Noor ul Hassan and others.

To conclude it in this way,no matter what our Pakistani dramas behold the building up of opinions and accentuate the exquisite sides of the society. Pertaining to the society norms, we are proud to present the factual life in most interesting and intriguing way possible. Showcasing the brightest talent of the industry in a frame, the directors have certainly carved the way to the enlightened future of Pakistani Dramas!

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