Liam Neeson is the world’s top leading man

Liam Neeson has been named the top action star on the planet – after raking in $1 billion at the box office.

The Irish actor has made a killing in movie theatres, thanks to his role as Bryan Mills in action trilogy Taken.

In new figures released, it’s been revealed the Liam’s movies made $946 million (€810 million) last year alone, after starring in six films.

These included Non-Stop (€190m), A Million Ways to Die in the West (€78m), A Walk Among the Tombstones pocketing (€45m), Lego Movie (€400 million) and the Nut Job (€97m).


Still on top: Jack Reynor in box office hit Transformers 4

But Wicklow actor Jack Reynor is still Ireland’s most successful actor when it comes to the box office, with his debut Hollywood role in Transformers 4, bringing in $1.08 billion last year.

Meanwhile Oscar-nominated actor Michael Fassbender came in third place, with his movies grossing €641 million and Brendan Gleeson was named fourth with €33o million.

And of course Saoirse Ronan landed the 5th place spot with €15o million.

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