Let’s have a sneak peek at our Pakistani celebrities’ current quarantine activities: We got inspiration!

Making our days less grim and gloomy by their enchanting Instagram posts and exhilarating activities. Giving us all the right reasons to exhibit the same while staying at our houses. Positive attitude towards the situation, enjoying good times with their families and indulging in productive activities. These things made us all adrenaline charged as well and we are prone to follow these beloved celebrities. We have previously enlisted some of the ace celebrities doing their best in accentuating the importance of staying home and how they are implying it themselves as well. Lately, we have seen many celebrities spending their time in exciting activities that we all should take inspiration from and should we say COPY them!

Sometimes imitation is the good thing and nowadays it is mandatory!

Hania Amir:

Hania Amir is making routine to offer prayers on time and sharing this on her Instagram to give her fans inspiration. We are impressed by the diva as this is the best time to find divinity and get connected with Allah.

Wasim Akram:

Shaniera Akram has shared an adorable picture in which Wasim Akram was making food for everyone at home. She supervised him during this whole activity and it also accentuates that men should help wives during these tough times.

Sarwat Gilani:

Sarwat Gillani has been sharing amazing creative videos on her Instagram and also making this time productive not only for herself but also for her children.

Minal Khan:

Minal Khan loves cooking as she poste some fun cooking pictures straight from her kitchen. Totally admire her passion and she is utilizing her time perfectly while staying at home.

Iqra Aziz & Yasir Hussain:

Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain have stitched protective suits for doctors and paramedics at home to help them during corona virus outbreak.

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