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House of Zunn

In Pakistan, the demand for an interior designer has significantly increased. Catering to this demand, the House of Zunn headquartered in Dubai, UAE, has opened up offices in Pakistan. The company has showrooms located in the trendy Jumeria, Dubai area as well as in Karachi and Islamabad.

Uzma Mirza and Seema Sherazee are natural-born designers who founded the House of Zunn. Their goal was to create products and environments of high design and glamour, and guarantee a captivating experience for clients. They are perfectionists who wish to enrich the everyday life with their passion for timeless design and sophistication.

As interior designers Uzma and Seema envision and plan spaces to make them both beautiful and functional. They balance aesthetic considerations with structural planning to reflect the clients’ lifestyle, set the desired mood and complement the home’s architectural features. Both designers are creative, imaginative and artistic and have successfully combined their knowledge with aesthetic vision, intricate designs and client expectations, offering high end products that does not simulate only quality but delivers it in every detail.

Uzma and Seema have a team of 150 persons working under them. The team takes responsibility for all aspects of a project, allowing House of Zunn to fully value their end product and meet the clients’ expectations. Along with a team of seasoned designers and architects, House of Zunn has created a versatile portfolio of residential, commercial and hospitality projects for over 10 years all over the world.

As a furniture designer they have created collections inspired by their native Asian – dark and vibrant – colored woods, earthy tones and exotic materials – along with an international taste for elegance and simplicity of clean lines. The cornerstone of their inspiration is this melding of global textures and arts. House of Zunn is also known for their aesthetic sense, and market excellence in amalgamating both classic and modern elements, into their designs.

Uzma and Seema have successfully created one of the top-notch furniture houses in Pakistan. They are well-known for decorating spaces keeping according to the region and climate of their project. Uzma and Seema have mastered creating timeless looks where ten years later, the same apartment looks fresh.

As they both say: “Reflect on your lifestyle, and on your interests, whether it is music or art. Don’t bring things into your home that you don’t look at or enjoy. Think first about how you want to live your life, then go out and buy, or talk to an interior designer. Above all fill your home with things you love”.

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