Let the game begin: Biggest tournament PUNJAB POLO CUP 2019 started off with zeal at Lahore Polo Club

Pakistani masses have always been prone to support adrenaline-charged sports in the country with utter enthusiasm and passion. Taking into account the optimistic approach it brings to the society, our respective brands have always sponsored the culture of progressive projects that reduce the spurring tension in the country. Fashion brand Chapter 2 collaborating with Lahore Polo Club to showcase Pakistan’s biggest Polo Cup tournament in Lahore as it is one of the significant tournament in South Asian Calendar to be exact.

Best players from all around the globe would be taking part in the tournament in 5 teams that includes Pakistan, Argentina and the UK, including Nicolas Corti, Saqib Khan Khakwani, Juan Cruz Losada, Hissam Ali Hyder, Hamza Mawaz Khan, Salvador Ulloa, Raja Temur Nadeem, Matias Vial Parez, Ahmed Ali Tiwana and Bautista Bayuger .Umpires Nicolas Scortichini and Martin John Henry would be portraying their management skills and organizing the game predominantly. The tournament would be of a week from 18 to 24 feb 2019 and it caters 10-14 high goal! Woohoo, we are so eager to attend this classy sport in town!

Determined to excel the sports culture in the country, Anjum Nida Rehman shared the views about the Polo Game and we solemnly agree to that ,“Chapter 2 is extremely proud to be associated with the Punjab Polo Cup. Polo is a game of intellect, prowess, art and beauty. Chapter 2 celebrates indigenous art and translates it into urban fashion and encapsulated within our design is craft. We look for new avenues to champion progressive Pakistan, and our partnership with the Lahore Polo Club is an extension of this commitment.”

“Our club is one of the oldest in the world and has the honour of hosting the Shah of Iran, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Phillip, Prince Hassan Bin Talal of Jordan, the King and Queen of Malaysia, Sheikh Zaid Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the President of UAE, the President of Turkey, the President of Djibouti, the Governor General of Australia, to name a few.” said President, Lahore Polo Club, Malik Atif Yar Tiwana.

We are looking forward to watch the final match going to held on Sunday in Lahore. Polo is surely a game of intellect and it should be promoted at every level in Pakistan

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