Legendary songs and living legends: Coke studio season 8

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After season 7 and its mixed reviews, expectations from season 8 were high because in the mean time Pakistani music industry has raised its bar quite high. Now our industry is doing quite well and has proved it self-one of the best.

The most awaited coke studio season 8 started with a bang of ‘Sohni Dharti’ tribute to Sohail Rana and Masroor Anwar, a patriotic spirit was targeted. It was a very wise move as it gives goose bumps when one listens to the song. Legends like Farida Khanum, Anwar Maqsood, Surriya Khanum and Ustad Hamid Ali Khan are the cherry on cake in this season indeed these legends are giving a whole new spirit to legendary songs.


The season started with the Qawali which was sung by Atif Aslam. Originally it is of Sabri Brothers. With some musical twists and turns Atif Aslam did justice to this Qawali which went viral, in just two days people are madly in love with this song. The best part of coke studio is that it’s not just about a specific genre of music it has shown us different cultures of our country. It is proving to be a beam of light in life of Folk stars like Mai Dhai Aankharli Pharookai which is a beautiful composition. Festive treat of Rajhastan and The Marwari articulation is a treat to hear. Her sincere, powerful voice echoed like the wind in the desert.

Episode 2 was another hit with some fantastic songs like ‘Chirya Da Chamba’ by Suriya Khanum and Anwar Maqsood, their soulful voice was enough to touch the hearts of audience it brought tears to the eyes and then in the very same episode Umair Jaiswal and Q.B rocked the stage with electrifying performance of famous gujrati song ‘Sammi Meri Waar’ which we got to hear in weddings only they gave it a whole new look.

Umair Jaiswal’s come back after season 6 simply won hearts of the audience.

What to say about this season, the words are not enough to describe the unexceptional performances of our talented artists.

Mix and match of our folk songs and legendary songs with new tones and compositions caught the attention of youth as our youth is nowadays very choosy about whatever they do and especially their music.

Not just this but Coke studio gave a boost to our struggling young artists like Asim Azhar, Gul Panra, Nabeel Shaukat.

Gul Panra a name lost in stars became one of the brightest star by her heartwarming performance with Atif Aslam ‘Man Amadeh Am’ the song originally sung by once Iranian pop-icon Googoosh and then Asim Azhar another emerging talent of Pakistan, son of the world renowned painter, Azhar Hussain.

Asim Azhar and Samra Khan’s ‘Hina Ki Khushboo’ which is originally sung by Legendary Noor Jahan; Asim Azhar gave a nice try but he actually ruined the song either he was trying so hard or didn’t tried at all, better luck next time.

And how we can forget Arif Lohar’s impactful performance ‘Rung Jindri’ reminded us of ‘Alif Allah’ and ‘Jugni’. The talented artist is one of our living legends who never fails to remind us of our cultural music and songs.

The popular singer and the actor, Ali Zafar’s come back with some great songs like Rockstar, Ajj Din Vehre Vich and Ae Dil were exceptionally good. Rockstar which was his own composition is being greatly appreciated across the border as well.

Atif Aslam and Ali Zafar are no doubt stars of this season with their great songs. Atif Aslam took a great risk with every song because each of them was a record breaking song of its time which put a great responsibility on his shoulders but being a husband of a sports woman he showed spirit of a sports man and rocked it.

Ali Azmat, who is our true rockstar can never let his fans down not even this time. His overwhelming voice in ‘Rangeela’ made his fans crazy and was found in everyone’s playlist and the response of the song was fantastic.

We just can’t miss the styling of each and every artist in this season was just jaw dropping Gul Panra won the hearts, not just for her beautiful voice but for her beautiful and innocent looks as well she is a natural beauty but the styling team also worked hard on her and not just her but everyone.

And the season 8 came to its end with the heart touching voice of Farida Khanum ‘Aj Janne Ki Zid Na Karo’ which if not all then must have reminded all about Devdas and Paro, their old great days of love. Nothing else could have given such a great ending to an outstanding season of Coke studio.

Coke Studio season 8 was appreciated not just in Pakistan but across the border everyone accepted that Pakistan’s music industry has become unmatchable, it won the hearts of people across the border and worldwide which has now raised the hopes for next season even higher. String’s has been playing its role very responsibly and is hoping to go ahead with this.

This is a perfect opportunity for coke studio to make history it has already raised its bar now they just can’t afford letting people down which would become a great loss not just for coke studio but for Pakistani music industry.

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