Lala Textiles are set to launch its latest winter collection ‘La Femme’ nationwide on 2nd November 2012

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[Lahore: 31st October 2012]: Lala Textiles are set to launch their winter collection, La Femme nationwide, on Friday 2nd November 2012.

La Femme by Lala takes its inspiration from traditional designs and embroideries with warm shades such as brown, beige, red, pistachio – green and purple. Amalgamating mixed shades along with Zarri sequence on velvet, La Femme is best suited for a warm winter and evening wear. Traditional patterns in unusual print and embroidery combinations have also been engaged.

On the launch of La Femme’s Winter 2012 collection, Creative Director of Lala Textiles Asiya Malik said “We are excited to launch the latest collection by La Femme by Lala where we have used only the finest materials and quality.”

La Femme by Lala will be available across the country at all leading stockists on November 02 2012.

About Lala:

Having started as a simple trading house in 1947, the Lala Textiles brand has today grown to encompass seven diverse retail brands providing accessible summer; midsummer and winter fabric ranges to ladies across Pakistan; these include Vintage, Sana & Samia, La Femme, Kesa, Brocade, Khaddi &Lala Classic.

Indeed it was with the inception of the quintessential Lala retail label in 1972 that the trading house first started consumer retail. Today, with over 39 years of seasoned experience, the Lala brand continues to provide quality material through custom prints throughout the year.

Lala Classic, the first consumer label by the Textiles house became a market force almost immediately for its focus on unique personal style, affordability and a quality understanding of colours.

Following the success of their first consumer brand, Lala further branched out with a niche label Sana &Samia, which continues to offer summer, mid-summer and winter fabric ranges within an accessible price range. The Sana &Samia brand has also expanded to include Celebre and Magnifique – collections of exclusive midsummer embroidered chiffon. These ranges focus on classic designs with an emphasis on embroideries that enhance the original Sana &Samia design ethos.

The House of Lala also encompasses Kesa and La Femme – their high end custom designer lines steeped in the embroidered aesthetic. Indeed the ethos of Kesa and La Femme are designs that combine existing tradition within a contemporary context. Kesa itself offers a variety of designs from the more minimalist aesthetic to engaging floral, ethnic, oriental, and modern art inspirations thereby catering to a diversity of women and their personal styles. La Femme specifically draws design and colour inspiration from nature and its surroundings while incorporating the rich traditions of the East. The brand has also introduced Vintage; a high end brand which takes its inspiration from the rich cultural aesthetics and heritage of the Sub Continent.

Currently Lala is available nationwide in all leading cities of Pakistan and their lines, collections and brands are known for its versatility of design and price range, ensuring the brand is always accessible to a large diversity of women.