Lakmé to host a Grand Opening Night Show with Sanjay Garg at the legendary Royal Opera House on Day 1 of Lakmé Fashion Week


Mumbai, 09 August 2017: Lakmé, India’s first cosmetic brand, is all set to host a Grand Opening Night Show on Day 1 of Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2017 at the iconic Royal Opera House in Mumbai.

At this show, Lakmé will go back to its very inception, as the brand name was inspired by a French Opera named Lakmé, which in turn derives its name from a reference to Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. As guest of honour at the show, we look forward to welcoming Mrs. Simone Tata, the lady who steered the brand forward after Naval Tata established it in the 1950s. The foresight of Naval Tata and the vision of Simone Tata made the brand synonymous with the definition of Indian beauty.

Seeing the saga that Lakmé has created over the years unfold at a legendary location, promises to take everyone down memory lane.

Talking about the show, Purnima Lamba, Head of Innovation at Lakmé said, “Opera is in the legacy of Lakmé, with the origins of our name being traced back to a French Opera, called Lakmé. We look forward to a theatrical extravaganza on opening night.”

Marrying Lakmé ‘s Grand Opening Night Show, with the Royal Opera House will be the perfect tribute to the brand that has given beauty a new dimension.

The Lakmé Grand Opening Night Show with Sanjay Garg will unfurl at the Royal Opera House, Mumbai on Day 1 of Lakmé Fashion Week at 9:00 PM.

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