Lakhany Silk Mills for PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2013

 Lakhany Silk

This April at the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week, Lakhany Silk Mills will showcase a dynamic collection inspired from culture, art and modernism. The brand uses passion and experience to create a visceral impact and provide a fashion experience like none other. The collection depicts themes of a rich culture combined with vibrant colours such as tropical papaya, electric blue, lime green, rich mustard yellow and deep brown. The collection incorporates the latest trends in vogue in the industry and draws inspiration from trends, arts, modernity and romantic moods.

Lakhany Silk Mills [LSM] is a veteran textile manufacturing entity, known in the industry for their in-depth knowledge of the business and its products. The company specializes in producing high class products made from superior material, utilizing their state of the art technology & equipment. LSM believes in originality, character and quality to be the main ingredients of their foundation. With a vision of achieving the best combination of quality, style and price for their customers, Lakhany Silk Mills always strive for innovation and experimentation. LSM has brought to Pakistan different brands for different seasons and occasions, such as Intimate Expressions, Zunn, Magic Voil, Festinova & Life Style.

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