Laal Kabootar starrer Mansha Pasha finds Hasan Minhaj more ‘balanced’ than Kumail Nanjiani!

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Kumail Nanjiani from his movie “Big Sick”! The movie went ahead to receive a nomination for the best screenplay in the 90th Academy Awards. Mansha Pasha thinks that Kumail Nanjiani has reinforcing stereotypes about brown people and his wrong way of portraying desi women in the west as he tells it in his jokes as well. Compelling to think that he is being stereotype and his views are not stable! 

On the other hand, she felt, Hasan Minhaj had views that were more “balanced”. 

Hasan Minhaj is also American standup comedian on Netflix but the actress thinks her to be having more profound view about desi’s way of living and perception than Kumail Nanjiani, the comparison is fair because both are Pakistanis! 

Most of her fans agreed to her opinion while some of them disagreed as everyone has their own point of view!