Kylie Jenner charges THIS much for one sponsored Instagram post! We are shocked!

Kylie Jenner is estimated to be making more money on one Instagram post than most people will make in years, according to a ranking done by U.K.-based planning tool for IG, Hopper HQ. Not only is she massively wealthy thanks to her Kylie Cosmetics brand, but according to the brand’s “Rich List,” all she has to do is click-caption-post to make an estimated $1.2 million. Million, with a capital M. Do you know how many cold brews you could buy with $1.2 million? That’s “roll around in your bed on a pile of cash” money.

While it’s difficult to know for sure how much celebrities are earning from Instagram, Hopper HQ says it makes an estimate piecing together the public and private data available on celebrity mega-influencers. According to a CNBC report on Hopper HQ’s 2018 rankings, they look at “data on each user’s number of followers, influencer status, previous endorsements, and level of engagement through likes, comments, and views, among other metrics.”

According to Hopper HQ’s estimates, she may make more than Ariana Grande, who came in second place with an estimated $966,000 per post, despite the fact that Jenner has fewer followers than the “Sweetener” singer. Jenner has 141 million to Grande’s 160 million, numbers that make this writer feel like a tiny little ant on the face of Instagram.

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