KUKI CONCEPTS Collection at Pantene Bridal Couture Week 2014

Bidai is the last event that takes place in the bride’s family. It is a sombre occasion for the bride’s parents as it marks the departure of their daughter from their home. The departure of the bride becomes a very emotional scene as she says farewell to the home of her parents and siblings to start a new married life. This collection is based on gotas, vintage Banarsi, karchobs, traditional ghararas, lehngas, cholis and rani coats. Basic focus is on cuts. It’s a tribute to the bride,
traditions, customs and values. The bride leaves her house with the groom; she is told to throw three handfuls of rice over her head. The first handful means she is asking forgiveness for her mistakes and also is forgiving anyone who may have hurt her. The second handful means may all the blessing come true which she has received from her family. And the last handful means she is leaving her family to become a part of another and will love and care for them as her own.

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