Kubra Khan shares a thought provoking view regarding corona virus: Good to see our celebrities taking it seriously!

Kubra Khan has been making videos and posting on her social media platforms to inform everyone how important it is to take this corona virus seriously and take adequate precautionary measures.She has accentuated the matter that many daily wagers would suffer from it and it’s our responsibility to provide them basic necessities and help them as much as we can. She has also made a video regarding on going shoots in entertainment fraternity and requested them to stop shooting as we are facing this epidemic.


“Take your daily vitamins, strengthen your immune system. Wash hands often, use hand sanitizers, wear masks and gloves when outside, keep in check with body temperature (It needs to be much under 100f ) eat clean, exercise at home and lastly, the toughest one for many, self-isolate.” She ended her statement by saying that all we can try to do is take precautions to save not only ourselves but our family and friends and the rest is up to Allah,”

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Let’s Share. Let’s Help. Be kind 🙏🏻

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“In a time like this when people are helplessly out of jobs. Let’s share. Let’s help. As many as we can,” she said, adding, “This is a test for humanity. I promise to do my part. It’s a humble request. Even if your employees are given off. Try to pay them. Help whoever you can…”

She emphasizes on the fact that people should not stock up their houses by food and take care of each other in this hard time!

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