Koi Chand Rakh Review Episode 3: Could Rabail convince Umair to continue with his studies and forget her?

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Quite a story, Wao! Another turn up of events as we can witness some settling down of characters on the storyline. Exceptional acting skills are depicted by the star studded drama koi chand rakh and whole heartedly accepted by our drama lover audience. Zain’s Character is now in the limelight and creating an impact by his artistic expertise. This episode has perceptibly lead the story ahead. Well we need to find out how Umair is going to react to the situation and eventually prove his infinite love for Rabail?

Umair‘s character is getting extremely intense as the plot is picking up its pace. Till now we have a vibrant idea how much solemn the acting and climax turns out to be. So far Umair is being stubborn and fearlessly sacrificing everything in the name of love not considering the family values and family preferences that is clearly bothering Nishaal and her mother as they don’t want Umair to be distracted by Rabail and let go of his studies and future which is to some extent.

Nishaal came up with the mind blowing plan through which she would convinvce to let go of his wish to marry Rabail for a while on the other hand Zain was all set to meet Rabail “nishaal” before getting married and made plan to meet her in her hospital. Nishaal took Umair with her to meet Rabail and told Rabail the whole planning to make him believe that if he would continue with his studies and go to the hostel she will be waiting for him till he’d get his degree. As umair was getting in trap not knowing it’s all planned to get him back to his career and she would get married to Zain at his back.

Nishaal met Zain again in the hospital and she also somehow developed interest in Zain, well how long could she resist such a charming personality hitting on her. Umair left the house contentedly towards the hostel with assurance that Rabail is waiting for him.

The twist of the drama became evident when Nishaal finds out Zain is the expected Husband of Rabail since Zain challenged Nishall he would to come to visit her at her house unknowingly that he would find out too that Rabail is the cousin sister of Nishaal and here the drama came to an end.

Behold!the next episode going to take this roller coaster of series to the highest level. Dont miss out the 4th episode of Koi Chand Rakh and keep following Ebuzz review of latest dramatic episodes.


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