Koi Chand Rakh First Episode

Most anticipated drama series so far on ARY digital Koi Chand Rakh directed by Siraj ul Haq and written by Maha Malik has surely forced the drama freaks to sit and mesmerized by the charm of such amazing storyline and huge star cast. Its distinctive features has led us to presume its success rate which is preeminently quite hyped up till now. The first episode is the solemn start of events with well orientated description of cast and characters. The sequential happenings of the events has tied a knot with viewers to watch it further and follow the story plot taking twist and turns.

The storyline involves two high class families:

Main character Zain (Imran Abbas) is portrayed as spoilt brat and defended by his mother on every issue especially marriage affairs but his father named Ibrar compelled  him to get responsible as he is wandering all day long with wicked company. Zain tends to flirt with beautiful girls and when he saw nishal he was head over heels in love with her as she is so adorable. He tries to stalk her and obsessed with her and finally he finds her but misunderstood the name ,as Nishaal was pretending to be Rabail (her sister).This is the very point the whole story has turned up to be the amazing yet distinguishing plot.

On the Contrary, Rabail (ayza khan)a professional doctor and cousin sister of Nishal (Areeba Habib)and Umair(Muneeb Butt)admired by the relatives who took care of her after her parents death. Rabail’s uncle is the friend of Zain’s father ibrar ,as soon as ibrar saw Rabiel he asked his uncle to consider zains proposal for her.

Here we can see the twist of events when Umair overheard his parents about Rabail getting married to someone else as he has been developing undying love for her for past years. This news shook his ground and decided to confess his love to her but Rabiel treated him as brother and slapped him across his face to make him realise that there is a respect level between them.

Pheoow, duo of such conflictual stories has surely grabbed the attention of people and created massive hype that illustrates the possible happening of these events in reality as well.

The Drama plot revolves around predominantly over the confusion Zain would be having since the names were swiped unintentionally. Let find out in the next episode of Koi Chand Rakh ,how would this clash of events comes out to be?From Freuds identity to mistaken names and personalities this drama offers every aspect of the immense confusion revolving around throughout the drama series.

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