Koi Chand Rakh Episode 4 review: Would Zain manage to tell everyone that he loves Nishaal not Rabail?

Episode 4 was full of suspense and excitement as we would take it, all the confusions have been resolved and Zain and Nishaal are aware of the whole scenario now. The twist in this episode has clarified most of the situations but we would be more convinced by the reaction of Nishaal on getting married to Zain if she would be on heights in her affection towards him. The gravity of the situation would be intense if Nishaal had not been just jealous of Rabail getting the guy who stalked her.

Moreover, Rabail was feeling guilty on her decision of getting married to Zain as she could presume the consequences of this marriage and Umair’s hatred that she have to bear but she is taking it all on her just to sustain the peace and happiness of Umair’s family.

Consequently, Zain has been blaming Nishaal for making fool out of him and keeping him in dark that she was not Dr Rabail. Well, this is unjustified as Zain himself has to do the research as well while stalking her. I guess that’s the love in which people get blind and remain unaware of the situation going around. Zain was sure that Nishaal did it on purpose and decided to make her regret by marrying Rabail.

That misunderstanding too came to an end as Nishaal called him and confessed her undying love for him and asked Zain to do something about this situation and convince your parents that you love her. Eventually, summarizing it all Zain gathers his strength to talk to his parents but couldn’t do it as he did not want to ruin the happiness of his family which we tend to see as contradictory to the character of Zain as it was shown earlier that Zain is a kind of guy who keeps things going according to his consent.

So taking into account the sensitivity of children towards their parent’s happiness we can convince ourselves that Zain understands the delicacy of events as it would be quite disturbing for both of the families to register that other sister would take place of elder one.

Umair was not in the frame in this episode but surely we would see vigorous reaction from his side so it would definitely be an amazing scenario to see how would  Zain go through it all. Would he marry Rabail who is totally opposite to his dream wife or would he take stand for his love.

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