Kim Kardashian hopes family show will go on for a long time

Kim Kardashian hopes her family reality show goes on for a long time as she loves sharing her life with the audience. Kardashian, 33, has learnt a lot of things through her show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, reported the Huffington Post. “I love sharing my life. And I hope it (show) goes on for as long as it can,” she said.

The show documents the life of the star and her family. Kardashian said she uses the programme to keep tabs on her siblings’ lives. “I’ll find out things on TV on our show that I might not have noticed,” she said.

“I’ll see what my sisters are doing when I’m not there, and I’ll notice different things that I wouldn’t have picked up before,” she said. Kardashian, who has a one year old daughter with rapper-husband Kanye West, said motherhood has been the only thing which has brought a shift in her ‘life in the spotlight’ perspective.

“I would be OK with that too — I think that’s how motherhood has changed me. You’re kind of OK with whatever is going on as long as your baby is OK,” Kardashian said, when asked how will she feel if the show goes off air.

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