Khalil ur Rehman Qamar called Adnan Malik Hijra due to THIS reason!!

Acclaimed drama writer Khalil ur Rehman is known for his blatantly use of valiant words. Recently, the viral show video in which Khalil ur Rehman used inappropriate words against women Journalist Marvi sirmed, fans have different point of views regarding the issue. Many celebrities calling out Khalil ur Rehman for this malicious behavior on live show whereas some people are all supporting the writer owing to his point of view.

Adnan Malik also portrayed his views regarding the writer in his recent tweet and also illustrated his thoughts when he played Khalil ur Rehman in drama Sadqey Tumharey. This is what he stated that urged Khalil ur Rehman to pass such offensive comment against the actor;

To which, the writer replied in a press conference and stated that unfortunately many Hijras have infiltrated in entertainment industry and ruined it. Clearly hinting towards the actor Adnan malik apparently.

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