Khalil-ul-Rehman is under hot waters after his controversial statement against men: These celebrities raised voices!

The gigantic director of Pakistani Entertainment fraternity who has extravagant and hit projects under his belt, has recently stated something shocking during an interview. Worked with the ace actors and artists of Pakistan, but there are many celebrities who stood up for the right of men and did not shy away from calling spade a spade. Ali’s director executed a sexist comment that seems to have invited a controversy in the industry. Top-notch celebrities took to their social media and spoke against Khalil-ul-Rehman Qamar regardless of his position in industry.

Osman Khalid Butt

‘Mard ke paas inkaar karnay ki kabliyat nahi hoti,’ I wail as my wife leaves me after my nth extramarital affair. ‘Barbaad bhi tussi karrahay ho, aur fir galaan vi,’ firing one last potshot as she slams the door in my face.

Osman Khalid Butt

Seriously, though, what fresh hell is this.

Meesha Shafi:

Ummmm and how many actors, actresses, pro/dir and channels will put their foot down in response to these views and send a message of resistence here?


Khalil ur rehman Qamar types are present in almost every channel, film company or studio, fashion world, styling, media houses, post production, music industry, we all know it. It shows in our films morning shows News Tv dramas. Darkness is fed openly by creeps. Its all True!

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