Katrina Kaif’s wardrobe malfunction

Katrina Kaif who wore a red hot top while performing at a music award function got majorly uncomfortable when her top kept slipping off her shoulder. But the lass managed it quite nicely.

The actress was performing with a bunch of girls and her slippery top perturbed her on more than one occasion. Katrina, of course, on her part did not let it affect her performance and did not cause any kind of embarrassment to herself.

A source told Mumbai Mirror, “Clothes to be worn at the event are made in a very short period of time. Although stars do have dress trials and Katrina had one too, it was a mere accident of her strap giving way. Wearing an outfit and standing is different from wearing an outfit and performing. So one assumes when she tried it, it was perfect, but while the body parts were in motion, the strap seemed to slip off at various Katoccasions. Being a regular at stage shows Katrina managed it and did not cause any kind of embarrassment to herself.”