Kate Middleton’s traditional outfits are giving us perfect inspiration to flaunt in Autumn: Let’s have a detailed look!

As soon as we got the news of Royal Couple would be visiting Pakistan, we were anxiously waiting for their enthralling vibes. Now they are here and we certainly can’t keep and observe everything minutely. It has been decades since the last royal visit and no doubt, the royal couple has gotten attention of just not Pakistani media but also International media respectively. The most eminent aspect of the visit is the auspicious dressing of Duchess of Cambridge which is utter traditional look. We are swooning over each outfit she pulls off during her tour explicitly. Not only we are admiring her traditional beauty but also relishing the fact that she is flaunting some of our ace brands with epitome of perfection.

Here are few looks that have garnered our praises and serving perfect eastern goals!

1. Royal blue eastern:

The duchess wore a royal blue kurta and trouser as she visited model college for girls in Islamabad. People can’t stop noticing her enticing choice of eastern wear and we are getting inspiration from her style statements. She captivated us all by her chic statement styles and vibrant colours but incorporated all of that in eastern, is definitely a sight to cherish! Paired with essential jewels and resonating shoes to go with.

2. Leafy green buttoned kurta:

She dazzled in all green hues especially the one she donned when she visited Prime Minister Imran Khan. The leafy green refreshing colour outstands on her personality paired with sleek white shalwar and printed dupatta.

3. Glittery formal maxi:

This particular visit has gotten our attention and praises in terms of dressing and their decorated conveyance to the venue. British High commissioner organized a gigantic dinner for the Royal Couple with all the ace celebrities of Pakistan.The emerald green glittery maxi has made us all drooling over the look as Kate Middleton has nailed it completely.

4. Monochrome hues:

At the final day of 5-day tour to Pakistan, Kate Middleton managed to curate an enchanting look that seems to create a major monochrome inspiration for all the traditional lovers. As she bid a farewell to Pakistan, she pulled off extravagant outfits with detailed work by Pakistani brand Elan and another outfit was the amalgam of western and eastern hues by an International designer.

5. Sea green eastern fit:

She dazzled in this sleek traditional outfit which resembles with Lady Diana’s style statement when she visited Pakistan.Sea green hues with gold embroidery complimented with her persona. Kate Middleton donned this outfit when she visited Badshahi Mosque!

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