Kashmir’s Song ‘Bhaago’

Kashmir’s Song ‘Bhaago’ Depicts the Harsh Reality of Our Society with an Upbeat New Tune
With top-notch quality of music and art, the immensely talented musicians from Kashmir, the Band have rocked the stage of the Pepsi Battle of the Bands one more time after winning its season in 2017. When Kashmir, entered the Battle of the Bands, no one anticipated the kind of performances they had in store for us. However, once they started spreading their magic, it was as if they had opened a treasure chest full of melodious songs. Since the beginning, Kashmir has managed to mesmerize the judges with their incredible music.

Recently, Kashmir made an appearance in the newest episode of the Battle of the Bands and gave us another euphonious song called Bhaago. The lyrics of this song depict a brutal truth of life – that when hard times hit you, you will often find yourself alone with no one to stand by you. With the harmonious voice of Bilal Ali and a cheerful tune, Bhaago creates the perfect balance to communicate this message, and immediately makes a place in your heart. The song encourages you to shun away all negativity from your life, and put yourself before all else. It’s a deep and profound poetry of self-love and care, and is quite inspirational. While the song is brilliant, no one expected anything less from Kashmir.

As Kashmir is getting more exposure, they are experimenting and evolving with their music. They have shown their ability to take their talent to newer heights and become one of the best in Pakistan. We will be looking forward to their next project now.

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