Kareena gets jealous about Saif’s intimate scenes on-screen?

Mumbai, Nov 6: Actress Kareena Kapoor Khan says she does not mind actor-husband Saif Ali Khan getting intimate with other heroines on-screen.
“We do not feel insecure. This is my professional life and my personal life has got nothing to do with it (professional life) at all. They are two separate areas of my life. There is no insecurity that I feel (when Saif getting intimate with any heroine). He is an actor and that is his job,” Kareena told PTI.
“He should get intimate with other actresses. If it is a romantic song he should look like a romantic hero. He should look good all the time (with his co-stars). I want him to do that and vice versa,” she said.
According to Kareena, Sonakshi is the best co-star of Saif in ‘Bullett Raja’.
“I hope ‘Bullett Raja’ does well. He should work with everybody and all films should do well. Whenever his film is releasing he should look good with that particular heroine,” she adds.
Kareena reveals they don’t watch much Hindi films and the last one they saw was ‘3 Idiots’ and ‘Dabangg’.
“I watch Saif’s films. Illumati Films office is the same building that we stay in, so the edit happens down. So if he is down (for editing) I go and watch it. Like ‘Cocktail’ I saw three four months before the release. He doesn’t watch my films. At home, we generally do not watch Bollywood films..I haven’t even gone to theatre. But I want to see a good film in a theatre,” she added.
After a five-year courtship Saif and Kareena tied the knot in October last year. Kareena feels he has not changed after marriage and hopes the Nawab of Pataudi remains the same.
“I don’t see any change in him as such and hopefully he should not change because I like him the way he is. We both are very independent people. He is busy doing ‘Bullett Raja’ interviews now he never asks me which film I am doing,” she said.
“Our ideologies are modern we are very modern in our approach. At the same time, family and traditional values matter to us. Saif is very traditional… He has lot of family values and that is the way I am,” she said.
Kareena says besides films she wants to indulge in other activities.
“I think I have learnt to understand life a lot more, enjoy life more. And realise that there is a life beyond films. And it is nice. I like travelling and I want to play a sport. I have never ever learnt to play any sport in my life, I want to now… and it is never too late to try different things,” she said.
“Saif was saying we should learn how to play tennis. It is good to learn a sport. I don’t read books much but I do google facts whether it is music or arts or anything. I started doing that now. I think there is so much more to life,” Kareena added.

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