Karan Johar pampers cast with chefs on set

Until recently, it was normal for actors to travel with their fitness trainers and workout on the film sets. But Karan Johar has added a whole new dimension to stars’ on-set pampering by hiring a special team of chefs to rustle up custom-made dishes for the cast of Kapoor And Sons — Alia Bhatt, Siddharth Malhotra and Fawad Khan.
Says a source, “Given their diet restrictions and weight-watch, actors are known to pack their own food from home and bring it on the sets. But Karan has made special arrangements for chefs to dish out soups and salads on the sets so that the team does not have to bother. Karan is known for his classy ways and larger-than-life designs on and off screen. He is taking it a notch higher with the arrangements on the sets of this film.” But, does this set unrealistic standards for other filmmakers?
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