Karachi can now Swvl too!

SWVL now expands its app-based bus-hailing service to Karachi after a phenomenal, successful launch in Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi!

As part of Swvl’s prehype campaign, influencers were to ask their followers the following question, “What can you get in Rs20?” We got some very interesting responses, e.g. “kuch bhi nae”, “fries”, “ammi ki maar”, “cocomo”, “lays”, “podina raita”and not surprisingly no one mentioned travel. Interestingly, of all the items mentioned no one mentioned any service provided to people for Rs20. In today’s global crippling economy Swvl provides a bus hailing service for just Rs20. Seems like the light you see at the end of a dark tunnel!

Naya Pakistan may have disappointed some but Swvl’s got your back! As of now Swvl seems to be the only naya to your Pakistan. So what is Swvl and why should you Swvl? It’s an app-based bus hailing service, which is a private premium alternative to public transport. Imagine waiting for a bus in Pakistan which is super punctual, super comfortable with Air conditioning that works, super affordable and above all super safe and reliable? Imagine ridding yourself of having to drive through Karachi’s nerve wracking traffic? Well, with Swvl you don’t have to! Swvl aims to revolutionise the Pakistani commute system, and this claim is not just an empty promise. 

The Swvl app, which has fixed bus routes, uses the passenger’s location and destination to determine the shortest possible trip time based on the nearest bus stop. They help you commute more for less! Now, you can book a safe & reliable Swvl ride, and commute comfortably in air-conditioned top-notch buses with spacious seats for just Rs 20! And above all, with Swvl you’ll be reducing your fuel consumption helping Pakistan become a sustainable and green country. If we were to imagine a properly functioning public transport in Pakistan, Swvl is exactly what should come to  mind!

SWVL will be offering the following initial routes in Karachi:

  • Malir Cantt > M.T Khan Road 
  • Buffer Zone > Clifton 
  • Malir Cantt >Clifton 
  • 4k Bus Stop > Clifton
  • Buffer Zone > M.TKhan Road
  • North Karachi > M.T.Khan Road
  • Malir Cantt > Clifton
  • FB Area > M.T KhanRoad
  • North Karachi >Clifton

Swvl, a Cairo-based firm, which is due to move its headquarters to Dubai in November, launched in Nairobi about six months ago and began operations in Lahore in July. Pakistan is the second international market for Swvl.Swvl has been successfully launched in Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi and has recently launched in Karachi. Infact Swvl has given its users the promo code “KHIFREE”, because of which they can travel for free, otherwise the commute cost is Rs 20 flat. So save up on your petrol and environment in just Rs 20! Book your ride now and Swvl!

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