Kangana’s Queen is a melodious treat

Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut’s Queen delivers a bunch of trademark Amit Trivedi tracks that really hit the mark. The composer stays true to the kind of music we love him so much for and Anvita Dutt’s wacky and sometimes naughty lyrics only add to the fun.

Badra Bahar in Amit Trivedi’s interesting vocals is a wonderfully funky number with some very interesting lyrics about a disillusioned newlywed. It is the classic Amit Trivedi track with his voice taking on a slightly grunge tone towards the end. It straddles the line between rock and Indian classical, giving the song a contemporary and yet desi feel.

O Gujariya is a trippy number with thumping beats and featuring vocals by Shefali Alvares and Nikhil D’souza.

Arjit Singh croons Taake Jhanke in that silky smooth voice of his. It is a light, simple, feel-good sort of track.

Amit Trivedi once again proves his vocal talents with Jugni, another number with quirky lyrics that describes Kangana’s character as she breaks out of her shell.

Harjaiyaan sung by Nandini Srikar is slow and melodious and makes good use of an all female chorus. The slow build-up of the song is a rewarding experience with some fantastic singing talent on display.

Mohan Kanan does well with Kinare, a slow number which catches pace halfway before it slips into a very Coldplay-esque piece of music. The kind of song that should wonderfully complement the film.

Ranjhana is a clean, deliberately paced Punjabi track in traditional folk tune but presented in a minimalist way.

A fun, pacy Punjabi track featuring Labh Janjua, Sonu and Neha Kakkar, London Thumakda will have you addicted to it in no time at all. The wacky Punjabi- Hinglish lyrics paint a naughty and exciting picture of Kangana Ranaut’s character and her anticipation for her honeymoon in London.

Overall, Amit Trivedi really scores with Queen. While some tracks stand above the rest, the entire album is a delightful treat. And we always love it when all the tracks of film are about the film itself and not random numbers thrown in to garner popularity. And if the tracks turn out to be brilliant by themselves, it’s an added bonus.

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