Kangana and Imran get chatty about ‘Katti Batti’, life on set and more

Kangana Ranaut and her ‘Katti Batti’ co-star Imran Khan sat down for a candid chat with DC to promote their upcoming film.

The two stars have been out and about town promoting their film that tells a story of Maddy and Payal’s bittersweet love story and new age relationships. The two, along with their director Nikhil Advani have also travelled overseas to Dubai and Australia in an attempt to reach out to a wider audience and fan base. As part of their promos, the two spilled the beans about love, relationship and their roles in the film.

While Kangana has admitted that her part as Payal is her most ‘intense’ role, Imran has said that he was drawn to his ‘non-heroic’ and ‘flawed’ character, Maddy. Kangana revealed that while shooting certain intense scenes, she refrained from eating and even drinking water on set in order to get into character.

The actress who will be seen getting up close and personal with her co-star Imran also gushed about his ‘good nature’. Calling him ‘Mr Goody Two Shoes’, Kangana said that he has a very good reputation in the industry and was very ‘predictable’. It appears that the star was also keeping an eye on her co-star. She said that the one thing she found interesting about Imran was his sense of style.

“The only thing I find interesting in him would be his sleek sense of style, which is very rare in guys,” the actress said.

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