Kamal Haasan’s biography Citizen K is ready

Kamal Haasan has many stories to tell about his life and career. While the ones about his life await clearance, a chronicle of his art and cinema is ready for release.
Aptly entitled Citizen K, the Kamal Haasan biography has been penned by filmmaker, journalist, the principal of  the Prasad Film Academy and long-time Kamal Haasan admirer Hariharan.

The biography focuses entirely on Kamal Haasan’s cinema. Kamal says with a laugh, “I guess those who will be looking for juicy details from my personal life would be disappointed. Citizen K is purely about my work. Hariharan has been watching my cinema very closely. He is  somewhat an authority on my work. So the book is purely work-oriented.”

The actor says he wouldn’t want it any other way. “To write about my personal life would mean hurting some people. I don’t think that is right. Therefore in principle I am opposed to writing about myself. But since this is about my work, I agreed.”

Kamal refutes rumours of his ex-wife Sarika writing a biography on his life. “No such book was ever being written. So where is the question of my trying to stop it? In my family everybody knows how to respect personal space,” he says.