Kala kola latest TVC featuring Aima Baig, making waves for all the right reasons!

“Jaao jahan main hojao wahan sab kay dil ki dharkan”. Sunaye kahani, banaye deewana sab ko mera har rang!”

Now, this illustrates it all!

As a renowned brand since the 1950s across Pakistan, KalaKola captured the market in terms of its spectacular quality, long-lasting dye and pocket-friendly prices. KalaKola is all set to hit the younger TG with its new face i.e Aima Baig.  It has launched an extensive color range that would accentuate your personality in an instant. As we all know, our persona stands out if our hair looks good and create an impression. Speaking of which, an acclaimed hair dye brand can bring your hair back to life.

Highly reliable hair dye Kala Kola now is available in 10 natural and fashion shades, serving you the hair color of your dreams. Stylize it with any contemporary hairstyle and, we bet you are going to ace it.

Recently, Kala Kola has amped up its stature by launching the latest TVC featuring singing sensation Aima Baig. It’s quite a wise decision to take Aima Baig as the new face of KalaKola, as she is known to be the YOUTH ICON. Bringing her style statement in promoting the brand has cast a charm over millions. Evidently, Kala Kola has succeeded to evolve its brand image via this extraordinary manifestation of exclusive hair dye range in tvc. Not only that, the brand has also changed its perception by adding certain features to it. Targeting the younger generation, Kala Kola set a bench mark by representing the hair dyes in absolutely brilliant manner.

The depiction of vibrant hair dyes goes along with upbeat music and the feel of the TVC. We certainly agree that this advertisement stands out when we talk about upbeat music, flamboyant theme, and youth vibes in particular. The singer enjoying her night out with friends while flaunting her hair to the fullest has grabbed our attention. It exudes modern vibes and defining the brand image in an utterly distinctive way.

Last but surely not least, we are dazzled by the exotic shades available inculcated with Olive Oil and Vitamin E to smoothen your hair. Mesmerized by the TVC, KalaKola has convinced us to level up our personality via an irresistible hair dye range, which is now available at all leading stores and online.

Watch the new KalaKola TVC below: 

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