Kahi Un Kahi

Kahi un Kahi is a story the successful and big headed Kamal Nizami, who has two sons Ansar and Ashar. He doesn’t look favorably upon the fact that his son Ashar and his driver’s daughter, Zoya are close friends. To keep them apart them, Kamal sends Ashar outside of Pakistan. However, Zoya and Ashar maintain contact through emails. On his return to Pakistan, the friendship strengths, but Kamal gets Ashar Engaged to the daughter of his business partner, Anam.

Will Anam, tolerate the friendship of Ashar and Zoya? Or will this friendship bring in disastrous results? to find out answers watch Kahi un Kahi only on HUM TV.

Director:  Asim Ali
Writer: Nadia Akhter
Producer: MNM Productions
Cast: Usman Pirzada, Rashid Mehmood,Aiza Khan, Irsa Ghazal, Zhalay, Urwa, Imran Aslam, Sherry, Hassan Ahmed, Tipu Sharif, Khalid Anum, Seema Pasha etc

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