Canadian pop star Justin Bieber released his first solo album in four years on Friday, kicking off a career comeback that saw him release a new album, go on tour and star in a serious of this year’s documentary.The 25-year-old, who is gaining popularity as a teen face baby, told fans last month that he will be releasing his fifth studio album in 2020, his first out of 2015’s “purpose.”

Bieber’s new R&B single “Yummy” appears to pay homage to her estranged husband Hailey Baldwin, whom she married for the second time last year, with lyrics such as “I’m glad you’re my lady” and “You got the yummy”.

Bieber, who released his 2017 “Purpose” tour of the world saying he needed a break, last year took to Instagram to talk about his struggles with “deep issues” saying that he puts on new music.

“As human beings we are not perfect. My past, my mistakes, all the things I went through, I believe I am where I am and God is with me where he wants me to be,” Bieber said in a video last week, in that he also listed dates for a North American trip.“I feel like it’s different than previous albums just because I’m where I am in my life.”

While “Yummy” is his first solo single, Bieber has collaborated with others, including DJ Khaled and Ed Sheeran, on various records over the last few years.

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