Jungli Billi- Priyanka Has The Capacity To Become The First Crossover Star, Said Sharukh Khan

The buzz about Priyanka Chopra debuting as an international singer is growing stronger as the release date of her first single, In My City, draws near. For all those who aren’t clued in to this news – Priyanka’s single featuring will.i.am will be released at the Thursday night Kickoff of the National Football League on September 13 in USA. But hello, look who noticed – Shahrukh Khan! Ahem ahem.

“Priyanka has the capacity and talent to become the first crossover star from India, our first creative export. She has a super team backing her and she is truly an international brand and will make India very proud,” Shahrukh said in an interview. We’re proud of you, SRK, for not letting the soured friendship come in way of good will and your trust in Piggy Chops’ talent.

Any clue what Priyanka dearest has to say about the Baadshah’s comment? Nah! The lady is too busy dealing with jittery nerves and promoting her upcoming movie Barfi!. “7 days to go…for My single ‘in my city’ and my special film ‘Barfi’ Jeeeez! Scared…excited… nervous..,” the babe tweeted.

But no worries, peeps. We’re sure the busy billi will soon notice and respond to that wonderful compliment by her once-good-friend SRK. Won’t you Pee Cee? Even so, we would like to wait and watch what happens next. Tee hee!

Via BollywoodLife