Junaid Khan nominated at 5th HUM AWARDS 2017


Karachi: Junaid Khan has been nominated for the 5th Hum Awards in ‘Best actor in negative role’ category for his work in the flagship project ‘Bin Roye’.

This is Khan’s 2nd nomination at HUM awards, as he was previously nominated for ‘Best Actor in a Supporting Role’, for Firaaq two years ago.

‘Bin Roye’ is adapted from the popular novel Bin Roye Ansoo by Farhat Ishtiaq and the cast includes Mahira Khan, Humayun Saeed, Armeena Khan in other roles. Junaid Khan portrays the character of Safir in the play; a Pakistani living in America. Safir is married to Sonia, a hindu girl, who he has been in love with since college. The two hide their marriage from Safir’s family in Pakistan, following threats from Safir’s mother that she will never accept anyone other than Saba (Mahira) as her daughter in law. Safir is caught in a fix and has to marry Saba, but tells her everything about his family in America on the very first night of marriage, regretting he had not done so before, urging Saba to take a divorce.

‘I don’t think Safir is very negative per say. I think he is just a weak man and utterly human. He is caught between the love for his mother and wife, and makes some bad decisions, which he realizes and wants to rectify and unfortunately hurts Saba in the process. Nonetheless, the role has been appreciated, and I loved playing the character since people loved to hate his situation.’ says Junaid.

Khan played the character with conviction, making his mark on the audience and the jury, to bag a nomination for his role.

The awards will be held on 29th of April 2017 in Lahore to reveal the winners across categories.

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