Joker- A Must Watch Fun!

Joker is a joke, a gag pulled on all manner of films about aliens — it is about humans searching for aliens, on green and brown aliens giving us lessons, on films about humans being abducted by aliens, and on aliens themselves.

Whoever thought that aliens were higher beings made of finer cerebral matter needs to see the last scene of Joker. Whatever Hollywood may have us believe, according to Bollywood, aliens are not just dullards, but will pick the dumbest amongst us for friends, and as dance partners.

Appropriately, Joker has a harebrained plot. In America lives an Indian scientist named Agastya (Akshay Kumar). At his home, which he shares with his partner Diva (Sonakshi Sinha), he has installed many rectangular and cylindrical screens and all sorts of dish antennas to catch the movement and conversations of aliens. This paraphernalia has been assembled thanks to the $1 million grant he received for two years.

He often catches brief snatches of alien gibberish whereupon all his gizmos get excited and start rotating and throwing current. But this is not enough for the guys funding him. He needs to get in touch with at least one alien. So he’s put on a one-month deadline. Just then he receives a message — his father is unwell and he must return home.

His village sits unacknowledged, without electricity and water, in the middle of three states and is called Paglapur. We don’t meet all the 600 villagers, but the few we are introduced to are most certainly in need of help, if not incarceration.

Anyway, after spending some time with characters and ticks inspired from all over the place — Prasoon Joshi’s brilliant Happydent advert, Bol Bachchan’s tod-marod-ke-bol dialogue, and, of course, The Gods Must Be Crazy — Agastya and Diva realize that these nincompoops really do need their help. Agastya goes to the CMs of the three states, but no help is forthcoming.

So he figures that the only way out is to attract the media’s attention. He designs artistic crop cycles in Paglapur’s fields and soon a media jamboree ensues, to cover the story of aliens trying to make contact with humans. But Agastya’s old gora rival Simon exposes the hoax.

Agastya then comes up with what is the film’s most inspired, most hysterical shtick. Pagla-pur’s particularly slow inmates are boiled in coloured water, decorated with tarbooz shells, karela, Shimla mirch and cherries and then made to wear Amitabh Bachchan’s Diwali suit from Saara zamana.

This skit is so hysterical that aundience wanted to roll up and down the aisle laughing because they didn’t want to miss the many-legged alien octopus skittering about while talking like Spielberg’s ET. Just for this spoof, Joker is worth watching movie.

The movie is distributed by IMGC global in Pakistan while Encyclomedia PR handled the PR of the movie.

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